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‘I love helping others and I will do so whenever I can’ 


‘If I had to choose one word to describe my story, it would be “unconditionally”. This word perfectly explains how I lead my life. I believe that life is not about power or impact and how much you have of it. No, life is about how much you are willing to give. Without any conditions or limits.’   


Raveca grew up in rural Cluj-Napoca. She was the youngest of three and from a young age, Raveca was expected to take on her fair share of the household chores. This made a great impact on her life and on her character. Over the years, she has helped many, no matter the toll it took on her own life. With her work, Raveca makes her contribution to a greater mission.  


But, before we get to that mission, we need to go back in time. ‘My grandfather developed severe alcoholism. This lead to a promise from my mother to God: if He gave her a husband who wouldn’t drink, she would dedicate her life to Him. Her prayers were answered and she did marry such a man. This is how my mother found herself participating in the first assembly of the Army of God - an evangelical movement of the Romanian Orthodox Church. By fulfilling her promise, she created a new path for herself and the next generations. I followed in my mother’s footsteps.’  


When the borders opened, Raveca’s husband Vasile started to work as a truck driver, which meant he was often gone. On one occasion, he was supposed to be away for a week. That week, however, turned into a month. He was stuck, far from home, with no money, no food and no phone. He could not go back because he could not load the truck. ‘There are no words to describe what I felt when I saw him walking through the door that night. I felt relieved and I cried, I sobbed. When he saw how I felt, he said: “You truly love me!”’ 


Raveca still glows with joy every time she sees her husband. Even if the last time she saw him was just five minutes earlier. Although she was alone most of the time - juggling work, raising their children and taking care of the household - she has always loved and cherished her husband. She never backed out when times were tough. They always shared their responsibilities and burdens.   


In 1993, Raveca started volunteering. She researched various social cases and in the end, she helped over 2,000 underprivileged families throughout Romania in a span of approximately three years. She also took part in several social-entrepreneurial initiatives.  


'I am someone who comes to other people’s rescue. I have always been like that. And I have tried to pass this on to my children. I have never been one to stand aside and watch someone suffer right in front of me. Many people don’t understand. In fact, they judge me for it. “Why do you involve yourself in other people’s business? Why do you care about their needs?” But, you know what? I believe that God has always kept me in His care. So I need to do the same, keep others in my care.’ 


Raveca loves helping others and she will do so whenever she can. And her help is not limited to Romania, she sponsored a little girl in Kenya. The small amount that Raveca donated each month helped this girl to become a nurse.  


‘I am at my best when my home is filled with people. Whenever there is an opportunity, I will invite people over. Friends or strangers – everyone is welcome. I have had groups of young people from church staying at my house. I provided them with a good night’s sleep and a good meal.’ 


Raveca believes unconditionally. With all her heart, she provides love. She invests and sacrifices everything that she has. With no limits and no conditions. 

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