Portraits of Power is an initiative of Dorcas. 

Dorcas is an international organisation for relief and development. We strive for lasting change for those who live in poverty, are excluded, or are caught in a crisis.

What drives us

We fight poverty, exclusion and crisis. We empower marginalised people and communities to flourish. This is how we follow Jesus Christ.

What we believe

We believe in the value and God-given potential of every single person. We are called to demonstrate God’s love for those in need.

What we see

We see a world where poverty, exclusion and crisis marginalise people. We also see the potential of these people and their communities to flourish despite their difficult circumstances.

How we work

  • Accountable: We do what we say, work transparently and use resources wisely.
  • Compassionate: We see those in need and stand next to them.
  • Determined: We have an entrepreneurial spirit and do not give up.
  • Locally led: We work through local leadership, staff and partners.

What we do: Empower people who are marginalised

We empower people who are marginalised to develop their talents. And we enable disadvantaged communities to flourish. We equip individuals and communities to promote and ensure participation of all.

What we do: Realise sustainable change

We create hope and long-term perspectives in volatile and complex situations. We meet people’s basic needs in times of crisis and increase their ability to overcome poverty and exclusion. We persist despite frequent setbacks and invest in durable relationships to realise sustainable change.

What we do: Engage in a global movement

We are part of a global movement of individuals and organisations working for a just and fair world. We recognise and appreciate everybody who supports our work. And we actively partner with others to create synergy and amplify our impact.

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